Resources for Tourism Operators

Elevate your tourism business through the NSW First Program

This program has been designed to help you develop promote and sell world-class visitor experiences, through online resources, accessible online training, workshops and more. Discover each of these pillars below:

Tap into more visitors
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Connect your tourism business through Destination NSW's Get Connected program. Free of charge, this program gives you the opportunity to showcase your visitor offering on Destination NSW’s consumer-facing websites and tap into more than 1.5 million potential customers a month, both domestic and international.

Enhance your marketing 
with Destination NSW's Content Library

Having access to quality images can help you elevate your marketing activities. Access and download media for free from Destination NSW’s Content Library. Constantly being updated, it includes great images of local destinations, experiences, events and more.
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Capture business event bookings 
with a free Business Events NSW listing

Business visitors require venues for meetings, accommodation and catering. Elevate your business event market through Destination NSW's dedicated online platform - Business Events NSW - which drives more than 7000 leads to industry each year

And the best part? Listing your business on the Business Events NSW website won't cost you a thing.

Attract business opportunities using data and insights

Report: The Value of Tourism

Every minute of every day, tourism delivers over $3,833 of domestic visitor spend into the Riverina Murray economy – that equates to almost $5.5 million per day!  

Learn more about the impact of tourism on our region’s economy in this Value of Tourism Report.

Leverage the insights provided in this report to support your funding applications, and/or when advocating for visitor economy based projects and initiatives.

Compiled in 2022 by Destination NSW using Tourism Research Australia (TRA) data.
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Understand the bigger picture: Strategies and plans

NSW Visitor Economy Strategy 2030

The NSW Government’s Visitor Economy Strategy (VES) 2030 provides a roadmap to support the visitor economy's recovery from recent challenges (drought, bushfires and COVID-19) and promote future growth.

Destination Riverina Murray is currently supporting Destination NSW in implementing this strategy to achieve the visitation and expenditure targets for regional NSW. 

The Riverina Murray Destination Management Plan 2030 (see below) is strategically aligned to this VES.
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Riverina Murray Destination Management Plan 2030

The 2030 Riverina Murray Destination Management Plan (DMP) is the key strategic document to drive and promote growth in the region’s tourism industry. This DMP identifies strategic development themes, priority projects and infrastructure that will encourage both private and public-sector investment in the tourism sector and stimulate increased visitation to the region.

We are currently delivering this plan in partnership with Destination NSW, Murray Regional Tourism, Visit Riverina, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Local Governments and the tourism industry.
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Riverina Murray Agritourism Development Strategy 2033

The Riverina Murray Destination Management Plan (above) notes that whilst the region is known as the food bowl of NSW, there is a disproportionate lack of agritourism and associated local dining and produce to capitalise on this point of regional differentiation.

In response to this DMP priority, this agritourism strategy provides the directions needed to grow a differentiated and competitive agritourism sector in the NSW Riverina Murray region, that will leverage the strength of the agriculture sector to strengthen the appeal of visiting the region, and enhance the benefits of the region's visitor economy.
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