Agritourism Development in the Riverina Murray

What is Agritourism?

Agritourism is a tourism-related experience or product that connects agricultural products, people or places, with visitors to a farm; or to an ancillary off-farm premises, that provides strong experiential interpretation of the produce, product or process. 

This definition encompasses four essential elements:
Combines tourism and agriculture industries
Attracts members of the public to visit on farm
Farmers diversify from agriculture into tourism, increasing farm income and/or employment
Provides recreation, entertainment and/or educational experiences related to the agriculture enterprise

Guiding the future: Agritourism in the Riverina Murray

The Destination Riverina Murray Agritourism Development Strategy provides the direction needed to grow a differentiated and competitive agritourism sector in the region, to strengthen the appeal of visiting the region, and enhance the region’s Visitor Economy.

This strategy prioritises four (4) key strategic directions:
Building capacity across the region's local governments and agritourism sector
Focusing support for agritourism development and marketing on emerging agritourism hub areas
Developing lead agritourism products
Leading the region's marketing of agritourism
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The development of this Riverina Murray Agritourism Strategy was proudly supported the by Department of Regional NSW and Destination NSW