Read the Riverina Murray Agritourism Strategy

Strategic Plan for the Development of Agritourism 
 in the Riverina Murray Region

Following development of an Agritourism Situation Analysis and Options Report, several (7) in-region consultation workshops, meetings with agricultural peak bodies and regional and state stakeholders, numerous site-visits to potentially significant agritourism sites, and target consumer market research, four (4) key strategic objectives where identified:

Build capacity across the region’s local governments and agritourism sector
Focus support for agritourism development and marketing on emerging agritourism hub areas
Develop lead agritourism products to reflect the brand and maximise the region’s competitive agritourism offer
Lead the region’s marketing with agritourism and its lead experiences
Action Plans have been prepared to support each of these strategic directions over a period of up to 10 years.
The 2023-2030 Destination Management Plan (DMP) for the NSW Riverina Murray region set a priority to develop and implement an Agritourism, Produce, Food and Drink Product & Experience Development Strategy for the Riverina Murray.

The DMP noted that while the region is known as the food bowl of NSW, there is a disproportionate lack of agritourism and associated local dining and produce to capitalise on this point of regional differentiation. In response, this Agritourism Strategy will provide Destination Riverina Murray (DRM) and its stakeholders with the directions needed to grow a differentiated and competitive agritourism sector in the region that will leverage the strength of the agriculture sector to strengthen the appeal of visiting the region and enhance the benefits of the region’s visitor economy.

The development of this Riverina Murray Agritourism Strategy was proudly supported the by Department of Regional NSW and Destination NSW.